Connie ( september 2021)  Hi Anne France, I was just looking over the photos and videos from our trip and what a pleasure that is!  I will forever be in love with Normandy!  France is such an amazing country with fantastic history.  I especially like the videos that you took which really help to make the memories special.  And I loved the horses too – I appreciate how hard it can be to have good horses for tours like this that have to tolerate all kinds of riders.  You, Jean-Michel and Katharine did a great job with that.  Wishing you all the best for your upcoming Loire tour!  Connie

Tina ( may 2019) “Thank you! I had such a wonderful time and I am thinking about doing the Normandy ride next year. Tina

Andrew & Alison (may 2019) “Dear Anne France, thank you so much for organising this and the holiday Well done!! We had a wonderful time with you. Although we are both back at work the memories of the time in the Loire keep us going and now we  have your photos it will keep everything fresh in our minds
We hope we can join you again on another trip soon. A&A

Bercy ( may 2019) “Dear Anne-France, thank you so much for sending the pictures and videos through, they just re-affirm some very happy memories and a really amazing week.  I’m sure the rest of the group are finding it a bit of a bump coming back to the real world and going back to work. Thank you so much for your hospitality that week, the whole experience was so much better than I ever imagined. I hope Bella is on the mend.Kind regards, Beccy

Marie Catherine ( june 2019) Bonjour! Thank you again for a wonderful ride! We are very hot here too but not as bad as France last week.
I will start riding lessons again next week 🙂 If you have a moment, would you please send me the photos from the Chateau d’Amboise? I think I missed that air drop….
All the best, Mary Catherine

Sylvain ( july 2019) “I am very happy that you enjoyed the videos, the ride was gorgeous with fabulous landscapes, and a super group 🙂 My mare was so sweet that I had no fear to manipulate my gopro camera, even while trotting and cantering. Have a nice evening,” Sylvain

Liz ( october 2019) “Good evening Anne France
I hope when you left us you enjoyed the rest of your time in Romania, we did think about you. I just wanted to thank you for another fabulous holiday, I loved it. The riding was superb in stunning countryside and the excursions you arranged were fabulous. I’ll never forget watching the bears in the hide, that was magical. I do hope to come on another of your rides in the future. All the best and I hope you enjoy your new house. Many best wishes, Liz (Slack)

Richard, Lynn, Inger ( may 2018) “Thank you again for wonderfull week in the french countryside with you and the horses. It all went so perfect, from the time we got to spend with my daughter and Inger, to the scenery, to the marvelous food, the places you selected to stay, your commentaries, and of course the horses ! Lynn and I will always remember it ! Your patience with this “old western cowboy” on his english saddle and tack was greatly appreciated! Thank you, thank you again !” Richard ” I can’t add anything to what Rich has said except thank you very much ! I had a wonderfull time and appreciate how well you took care of us. Hopefully our paths will cross again.” Lynn

Claudia ( June 2018) “Thank you very much, Anne France, for the photos and thank you for this wonderful experience of „Cheval et Chateau“ (et Gourmet, as we said on the last day!). I do hope that you, Martina and Martin, got safely back home and without further trouble due to the SNCF strike and that you, Annette and Jamie are having a wonderful time in Paris. I really enjoyed the time with all of you! All the best, Claudia

Martin ( June 2018) “Dear Anne-France I have got them and thank You  – it was a very pleasant Trip – will try to join You again next year – may be to Saumur, but I can not yet promise..
Merci…  ” Martin

Jamie ( June 2018) “ I’m so happy you like the Michigan woodboards. We wanted to give you something from our home state and hoped you and Elsa would be able to use them. Annette and I had such a wonderful time with you and the horses. The memories we created will be cherished for the rest of our lives. Thanks for such a wonderful experience! We hope to meet again…maybe on a future adventure!”

Lisa ( august 2018) “Dear Anne-France (also known as Madame Cheval): “Thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your exact planning, historical knowledge, and guidance made this trip safe, fun, educational, and so rewarding. The group of other riders was a perfect blend and such good company. Every accommodation and host/hostess, and tour guide, was charming and added to the overall cultural experience. Thank you for the pictures. As stunning as they are, they shall never quite live up to the beauty of the memories that live in my mind’s eye. Warmest regards and best of luck in Romania! ”

Cindy ( august 2018) “Thank you so much for the pictures  – great to see them and have everyone’s email.  Thank you Anne-France for the wonderful trip and the great leadership. You picked all the right places and food.  We had a wonderful time.  Madame Cheval, you are the best.  :)”

Bea (April 2017)
« Thank you Anne-france for a fantastic tour through the Loire valley! A dream came true! I very much recommend this tour if you want to experience the real atmosphere of the chateaux by arriving on the horse back, combined with extraordinary hotels and gourmet food, in addition to feeling very safe due to wonderful horses who make you turn off your brain and relax in a minute. All led by a fantastic horse woman who loves her horses and has a wonderful feeling also for the riders! Anne France, please stay as you are! Thank you also so much to Elsa for offering these horses, taking care and helping so much! »

Mary (April 2017)
« Anne, I had such a great trip, in large part due to you. Thank you for everything; you put together the perfect trip. My favorite parts were riding through the same gorgeous forests as courts have in past centuries and just being in the countryside and the fabulous food. Thank you for all the work you did to make this a trip of a lifetime. »

Laurie (May 2017)
« I must apologize that it has taken me so long to write. I have been working so much this month, but I can’t get the beauty of our trip out of my mind. What a wonderful experience. Everything was planned to perfection, the horses, the food, the places. It was just incredible. I have shown the photos to everyone, even strangers on the street 🙂 The only thing I would add is a stop for ice cream at the Abbey! I still regret not getting a chance to try a waffle cone at that cute little shop. Mallory and I are already planning for our next wonderful trip with you. Thank you so much. If you do get a chance to come to Boston, my husband and I hope that you will stay with us so we can show you some of the sites here in Massachusetts. Sincerely, »

Mary-Ann (June 2017)
« Thank you so much for a truly amazing adventure!! We all had a grand time. Thank you for your patience with all ! I so enjoyed riding with you and getting to know you a bit. You put together an incredible trip with every detail taken care of. Truly a fantasy trip we will all remember and cherish the memory of forever! We may see you on another in Normandy or Romania. »

Jane (June 2017)
« The tour we are with is Cheval et Chateaux. Anne France Launay is an amazingly knowledgeable leader and everything went absolutely smoothly! Everything is taken care of. We just show up… The horses are wonderful, accommodations fantastic and food is delicious. We have seen beautiful and historic sights everywhere we look and have learned so much! We left the unbelievable Chateau Ternay this morning, and rode through beautiful forests of Chinon, went to ‘Sleeping Beauty’ castle after a great lunch and then along the lovely river L’Indre. Now we are in a midevel village for the night. Tomorrow, last ride, and more Chateaus! »

Peter (June 2017)
« Hi guys, We miss you too…what an amazing experience: riding through the French Countryside from castle to castle! We hope you can all make it out to California one day!! Peter »

Jill (August 2017) « Thank you for a wonderful week in a part of the world I would not otherwise have visited. One small suggestion for the future. I think it would have been helpful if we had a basic map of Transylvania showing where we rode. I have had difficulty in placing the villages on good old Google and as we rode x country it made it harder. I am glad your Normandy ride went well, although I know your planning etc is impeccable. Till the next time ! »

Nancy and Alan (September 2016)
« Anne-France, Alan and I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed riding and traveling with you! Everything exceeded our expectation! This was, for me, the trip of a lifetime and was more than even I anticipated!
Your insights into history, architecture and the areas provided a personal introduction to the extraordinary private tours of chateaux, then visiting the beautiful chateaux and meeting the owners, whose families ARE French history! Not being familiar with troglodyte caves, that day was delightful – riding through and having a wine tasting! What a treat! Your timing for everything was impeccable, allowing such full and extraordinary days – with multiple tours, visits, entertainment and food! Ah, the FOOD – truffles, pate de foie gras, champignons, Chinon wines, chevres, sweet tomatoes, gazpacho! The meals offered highest quality, creativity, a wide variety, with a sincere attention to our own preferences. (Thankfully we did not gain weight since there was more than enough to eat and drink – a true culinary abundance.)
The horses were the best we have had in any of our travel excursions. Our sincere thanks to Patrice for all of his efforts and for sharing them with us! We came there for the horses and the scenery. We were overwhelmed with how much more we gained in the excursion!
How could we do so much every single day, and still be ready to jump up and go again the next?
How could we end each day thinking that was THE most extraordinary, that we could stay “here” for the rest of the time and be happy — then to have yet another unbelievable journey the next day?
This was THE BEST TRIP – horses, history, food, wine, and exceptional company! We will be back!! We wish you all the best always, and hope that our paths will cross again!
Nancy and Alan Ferguson
North Carolina, USA »

Kim (September 2016)
« Anne-France, Thank you for one of the best weeks of my life. I had a wonderful time. Each day was magnificent. I wish it had not gone by so fast! Thank you for your kindness and patience. You did a great job!!! I hope to see you in Romania!!
I wish you the best! And don’t forget you are welcome to come to Kentucky for the Rolex event at the end of April. You have a place to stay! Kim »

Susan (September 2016)
« Thank you, Anne-France… such a well planned tour, amazing food, and wonderful Kyriel!
So enjoyed everyone’s company! Susan »

Kara (September 2016)
« Thank you, Anne France! The trip was truly a magical experience.
And thank you to the rest of the crew for being lovely travel companions and taking me into your group. I hope we meet again! Kara »

Theodoro John (September 2016)
« Thank you Anne-France. It was a real pleasure being with you and the rest of our entourage. You were magnifique!! J’aime La France! TJ »

Miki and Steven (August 2015)
« Hello! We are now back home and at work – aaaaarrgghhh. But we still have fond memories of our trip and the time we spent with C&C! You may have friends of our riding with you next year! Thanks again for a wonderful time riding in the Loire! »

Gilbert and Lucinda (July 2015)
« Dear Anne-France –Thank you so much for a wonderful week. It surpasses my expectations and had everything I could look on in a perfect holiday. The itinerary was well planned and the horses a great pleasure to ride. Patrice was a fantastic help and made everything run very smoothly. Lucinda really enjoyed it too – especially the cats, the ice creams and the swimming pools! Kind regards, Gilbert »

Gene et Diana (May 2015)
« Dear Anne-France Again, a big thank you for your wonderful week in the Loire valley! It was a special time for me – something I had always wanted to do. Your hard work was evident, and much appreciated. I wish you much luck in all you do, and thank you again! »

Barbara et Karen (June 2015)
« This ride… Cheval et Chateaux, May 30-June 6, was absolute HEAVEN. I will remember every moment the rest of my life. The scenery was spectacular. There were flowers EVERYWHERE and the air smelled like a perfumery. Swans adorned all the rivers and roses draped over 15th century walls. We rode through ancient forests and past miles of vineyards and wheat fields. The horses were fantastic and our guide, Anne, not only did a truly exceptional job organizing the perfect tour, she was an amazing historian of the area. Then there was gourmet food every day, lovely wines, and exquisite castles to visit. I cannot say enough good things about this trip. GO, GO, GO! (But, please, be confident in your ability to ride at an intermediate level in an English saddle). Barbara Rogers, Indiana »

Althéa, Natalie and Dave (June 2015)
« Bonjour, Anne-France, Thank you very much for sending the Drop Box link – I was able to download the wonderful memories of our Loire Valley rides. It is truly a trip to remember for us. I am not on FB, so unfortunately can’t access the Chambord video, but please let me know if you end up posting in another format. Hope you are enjoying your summer – it got quite hot while we were in Saumur. We enjoyed our time there and the references on your website definitely helped shape our visit. Best Regards from Natalie, Dave and I, Althea »

Barbara, Pat, Gene and Diana (May 2015)
« Anne, I know I can speak for us all. We thank you for such an opportunity to experience the Loire Valley and the chateaux from the backs of our wonderful horses, especially Rumba. We will be sharing our adventures with our friends for a long time to come. »

Harry and Kristy (August 2014)
« Dear Anne, We have been so busy since we got home that we have failed to sit down and write an appropriate thank you.  But we want to give you our thanks. We had such a lovely time on your equine-tour, and we know that all stems from your many hours of hard work, your devotion to a well-planned tour, and to your keen attention to many, many details. The horses were well-mannered and well-conditioned and cared for. The riding venues – along the river, in the vineyards and woods, through villages and towns, and into the chateaux -were wonderfully lovely and well-mixed. They also were very informative as to the beauty of the land and it’s history, and the of lifestyles of France’s people historically and in the present.  And the food!  The culinary experience was much more than we imagined it would be. Bravo! We had so many fine meals and fine wines, and they were so artistically presented. I never expected such an every-day culinary treat. Even the picnics met that high standard. We appreciated as well your presentation of the wines and appropriate food pairings, and the visit to the chateau winery. The people we met on your trip were also kind and helpful. And we particularly thank your horse crew.  Anne, we so much appreciate the experience you provided, and your high level of commitment and caring attention to provide us a wonderful experience. You are a fine organizer, and a committed, kind and helpful guide. Thank you so much for our week with you, and please pass along our regards to the people you worked with on our trip. Best regards, Harry and Kristy »

Eliza and Jill (August 2014)
« Hi Anne, Thank you so much for sending the photos. We had a wonderful week. Everything was great – we loved our horses, the food was delicious, the châteaux fascinating and the organisation superb! We didn’t get a chance to say goodbye properly after our dinner at Château de Pray, but we both wanted to thank you for making our holiday so memorable. We hope you have a great ride in Saumur! Kind regards,Eliza and Jill Compton »

Sue (August 2014)
« Hello Anne-France I hope this finds you well and busy. Firstly I wanted to thank you very much indeed for giving me such a wonderful time on the Cheval to Chateau ride I did with you in June! I had the most fantastic time and I really enjoyed your company. Being a History teacher I really appreciated your great depth of knowledge of French History, you added so much more to my tours of the various chateaux! I had a great time in Norway Wales and at Oxford after I left you but I will never forget the beauty and sheers enjoyment of being in the Loire. I do miss Nikita- she just wouldn’t fit in my suitcase! When I was with you, you mentioned that you were trying to organise a ride in the north of France at Bayeux and Mont S’t Michel, have you got any further with that as i would like to do a ride like that. I hope you are going well and that your business is booming- it should! Thank you once again for all that you did to make my ride so memorable. best Wishes, Sue »

Therese (June 2014)
« Hi Anne-France! Thank you so much for the best holiday ever!! There are so many nice memories from this trip, it could´t have been better! Thanks for the pictures. On the link below you can se our pictures aswell. Give all the lovely horses a big hug from all of us, and hope u will have some nice weeks off! And Susan, hope you´re enjoying Norway! »

Lucy and Michelle (June 2014)
« Anne: Thank you so much for the pictures and the day you gave us in France. Lucy and Michelle are already talking about the next trip. Merci »

Anne-Beth (June 2014)
« Thank you for making the ride a fantastic holiday! I really enjoyed every minute of it. Everything was well organised. Very satisfied with my horse Star! She was a pleasure to ride. Thanks again, Regards, Anne-Beth »

Ana Maria and Giovani (May 2014)
« Dear Anne, Back to our home ; our vacation were fantastic ! We received the pictures, thanks a lot. If one day you decide to come to Mexico, please contact us. Warmest regards, Ana Maria et Giovanni »

Sally and Geoff (May 2014)
« Dear Anne-France, Thank you for a wonderful trip. Sally and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you also for the photos which are lovely. I have downloaded them from Dropbox. Now in London and I have to tell you the weather is distinctly better – not that the cool damp made any difference to our pleasure. So thank you again. We hope that the saddle bags reappear. We’ll be in touch once we are back in Australia. Kind regards and many thanks, »

Albert and Claudia (May 2014)
« Hello, Back to real life, no trotting ou canter. Thanks for the wonderful week. Kind regards »

Jane and Jay (april 2014)
« Dear Anne-France, We enjoyed the trip very much and thought you planned a perfect program.  We also appreciate your taking the photos and were able to download them with no problem. All the best to you. »

Oksana, Irina and Guzel (May 2013)
« On behalf of the Russian team that struggled through the cold May of 2013 I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team (including horses, dogs, and also cats, rabbits and deer) for making the trip so interesting, welcoming and truly unforgettable. This trip is really 100 tours in one – culture, history, story-telling J, humor, arts, degustation, gastronomy, nature, communication, cross-cultural study, making new friends, language-course, singing, team-building and, of courses, horse-riding and communication with horses. »

Rosie (May 2013)
« Chère Anne-France, Thank you so much for giving us all such a fabulous holiday last week…. I am still suffering from withdrawal! I have so many jobs to catch up on since getting home but it is all taking much longer than it should because I keep having to come back to my computer so that I can have another look at the photos! Each time I look, I can re-live riding through all the beautiful countryside, seeing the wonderful wild flowers and of course, I imagine that I am back riding Ucayali! … For me, the holiday was mostly about the riding – it was wonderful and exciting to be back on a horse, and particularly such a nice one, and to be able to ride all day, every day for a week… perfect… But I also really enjoyed the chateaux and thought that it was very clever of you to line up such different ones for us to see. Approaching a chateaux on horseback is definitely the best and only way to arrive. It felt very special to be able to enjoy some of the chateaux as guests of the owners who were all so hospitable. What a life of commitment they lead in order to be able to maintain their family connection to their chateaux and to keep the history alive. Very admirable and done with such charm and humour… With best wishes, Rosie »

Lise and Frank (October 2012)
« Dear Anne-France, Lise and I enjoyed very much our horses and the whole trip – so thank you for that as well. Lise and I might go to France next year for an elongated weekend ride at Cheval-de-Loire in order to ride “our” two wonderful horses. We never got the names right of the horses, so can you please e-mail us the names of the little darlings.The Saumur ride seems tempting, so you might see us there at some point in the future. Kind Regards, Lise & Frank »

Nancy and Lian (August 2012)
« Lian and I both loved our stay in France. The sights, the people, everything. This was the best vacation we’ve had. After experiencing the riding, the Chateaux’s, great food, and you and Emond I wish we had signed up for the entire trip before we headed off to Paris. We greatly appreciated your lining up the cab ride from our car rental place to the train station and the recommendation to go to Sainte-Chapelle. We spent a full day at Versailles viewing the Chateaux, the Gardens, Trianon, and Marie-Antoinette’s Hamlet. After all the walking and biking it felt good to just sit by the Grand Canal and people watch. The next day we hopped on the Batobus at the Eiffel Tower, with a stop at the Musee D’Orsay, Notre Dame & Sainte-Chapelle, the Louvre and back to the Eiffel Tower in time to see it light up and sparkle. Our last day we picked up a bus to the Pantheon and then walked up the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe. We could have used a few more days – I guess we will need to make another trip to France. Nancy & Lian »

Inger-Johanne and Otto (August 2012)
« Dear Anne-France, We want to thank you for a great summer expierience. You had arranged a fantastic trip. We lived well, lovely food and wine and the horses was wonderful. Moreover, it was a very nice group to ride with, this was fun. We would recommend the trip to others, and do not rule out that we will be back. The best greetings from Inger-Johanne and Otto PS: Nous espérons vous revoir. »

Jodie – Cho (June 2012)
« Hi, Anne Thanks to you, I was in a dream, really wonderful dream last week. That dream went by like an arrow and I haven’t failed to be back in my daily life. The exoticism of sceneries, cuisines & fragrances and smile of Patrice and Marione’s voice like a small bird and tolerance of foreign members… all of them are kept in my memory. Also, I was deeply touched by your attitude to coexistence with animals (all kinds of…) and your charisma for our safety. I guess my team was one of the toughest groups for you but I hope to join with you someday! Thanks »

Grace and Mark (October 2011)
« Mark and I are thankful to you for sharing what you enjoy with us.We enjoyed our five days with you.The riding, landscape, chateauxs, food and wine were inspiring. Please thank Ingrid and Patrice for us as well. You have a generous spirit which made the whole experience more fulfilling. Thank you. You are good at what you do. »

Helen (September 2011)
« It was a wonderful experience, not only for the horses and riding, which was excellent, but for the journey to heart of the Loire, including such wonderful experiences of the local people, history and culture. Anne-France was a wonderful guide in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and certainly hope to do another ride one day with Cheval and Chateaux. Thank you for a most memorable holiday and experience. »

Mary (September 2011)
« I have travelled extensively and I have to say that I was blown away by some of the places we stayed. The personal welcome by the hosts, the tours of their homes, the jaw-dropping beauty of the rooms were outstanding. I love history, so was enthralled to hear about historical events which took place there. It was as if the French Revolution was a few years ago. I appreciated very much the care and attention that Anne-France took to provide us with lodging that had character. The riding was very interesting as we passed through many different types of countryside, and a highlight was the wine tasting in a troglodyte cave. Another: cantering beside the river(s). I hope to take the other ride Anne-France does in the Loire. »

Liz and her friends (June 2011)
« Hello Anne-France. Many thanks for all the wonderful photos you e mailed us that you took of our holiday last week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself (we all did) you were so helpful and made the week so interesting, we rode through some fabulous countryside and visted some amazing places. I hadnt realised how nice France was. All the people we met were so helpful and interesting. I’ll always remember this French holiday with many fond memories and the photos will be a lovely reminder. Thank you so much for making it special. »

Jenn (May 2011)
« Hi Anne-France, Thank you for a great trip. It was all that I hoped for and more. Thanks again. »

Natasha and Robert (May 2011)
« Hi Anne-France, We just got home last night. Our trip with you was our highlight. Thanks for a great time! »

Diane (May 2011)
« I wanted to thank you all for making the trip so much fun. It was great to share such a unique and wonderful experience with you. The pictures bring back such great memories and I can’t believe it was just last week.
I will send my photos this weekend to all. Anne-France: you put together a fantastic trip. It was a vacation I will never forget. I have already told all my “horse” friends that this is something they need to put on their “Bucket List”! »

Dan & Julie (May 2011)
« Thanks to Anne-France and the rest of our group, for your camaraderie and enthusiasm for our shared experience! As for Julie and I, we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our love for each other, horses and France with you all. Voilà! »

Jill (September 2010)
« Hello Anne France. Thank you so very much for the pictures! We all will have some wonderful memories! Thank you, as well, for your kindness, patience, and helpfulness throughout our ride. You make the trip a very enjoyable experience! A bientot! »

Marianne (September 2011)
« Hello Anne-France, This week was magic for me. The visited places, their history, the horses and nature are all that I like, but I owe you also enormously. I will return to write to you »

Gay Linn (July 2010)
« Thank you for a wonderful trip. We now have great memories for the rest of our lives! »

Cathy (July 2010)
« Dear Anne-France
Thank you so much for the lovely photos.  Not only did you take us on a wonderful riding trip, which was also a history lesson and a gourmet treat, but you also took photos of us as well. What a wonderful experience this was for me, and for John.
I am sending just one or two photos of my own. Jon is still working on his, and (as you know) I was too busy riding and balancing to take out the camera!
I will be happy to refer other riders to you, if ever you need a reference. I will tell them it was glorious! »

Tracy (July 2011)
« Hi Anne-France, Thanks again so much for the wonderful time. For the future, my address is listed below. I will get the CD from Donna. Thank you for taking the time to make the CDs. The photos are precious. »

Chié (July 2011)
« Thank you thousand times for you, your horses and the manific excursion!! I would like return one day. »

Rebecca and her family (June 2009)
« Dear Anne France, I can’t tell you how happy we are we had the opportunity to ride with you. We thought it was expensive at first but the experience was worth twice the price! We will never forget such a great day. I am excited to learn english riding skills now too. It’s been raining like crazy here in Colorado since we got home. Everyone felt the riding day was the hands down highlight of the trip. Thanks again, so much! »

Lisa, Suzanne and Bonnie (September 2009)
« Just returned home. Miss France already. Thank you for a beautiful trip and so many great memories! It was a pleasure meeting you and I greatly appreciated all the effort you made on our behalf. The photos are great! »

Margaret et Laurie (2009)
« Hi Sorry to be so long answering. The brochure is fabulous. We had such a great time, really a trip of a lifetime. If you ever need to use me as a reference feel free to have people call me. Cell is 360-739-5096. What is your mailing address. I want to send you pictures and the tying ring we talked about, for horses that pull back. We are both well and are saving our pennies to do another trip with you. Say hello to George. Cheers, Marg »

Margaret and Laurie (June 2008)
« Dear Anne-France. What a fantastic memory they are of our time in France !
And thank you so much for the great experience you gave us, I will never forget it; the chateaux, the food, the scenery, the people – just wonderful!
THANK YOU – it was great! »

Agnes (May 2008)
« A big thank you for your organization with horses, riders, non riders, childrens…a baby and always in calms and good mood, so wonderfull !
My children, little children and husband keep an extraordinary image this “small” stay enchanter that I offered to them for my change of ten…
I will not fail to make publicities for “Cheval & Chateaux” as well as the praise of professionalism, of the kindness of the creative and organizing one of a stay original educational, sporting, cultural, greedy (what a picnic!)…
By summarizing the whole… we dream… to be able to remake it one day… »

Sheryl (2007)
« This excursion was detailed and advertised and then carried thru with perfection by Anne France…. it was everything we dreamed for. Our hostess Anne France was the absolute model of perfection in her itinerary and timing. from riding up the castle paths across the fields, to the gourmet picnic lunch to the renaissance show. we were taken care of with the highest level of professionalism and personalism. we never had to worry about the cost or entrance fees, everything was taken care of and inclusive in our package and it was an incredible experience riding the horses through the small villages and the fields.
I would reccomend this loire valley ride to every and anyone in search of the perfect experience to the french castle adventure. I cannot say enough great things about how she kept us busy and happy from dawn to after dark and never once were we bored. we were never confused about the package and what was included. we were made to feel special and the horses were well mannered and beautifull. »

Katharina (2007)
« Dear Anne-France… I’ve returned to Switzerland two days ago. I wanted to say thank you again for that beautiful day I spent and your competent guiding. It was really interesting and I will for sure recommend you to my friends back home!… Kind regards! »

Dan & Melissa (September 2006)
« We will recommend your trip to anyone and everyone we know ! Also, please do not hesitate to use us for a recommendation to anyone. Feel free to have anyone contact us for details on your wonderful tour!
Thanks again, Dan & Melissa Morse. »

Lynn (May 2006)
« The best vacation of my life. Anne-France could not have been a better guide. She made the trip. »

Stacy (September 2006)
« Thank you Anne France for a wonderful vacation.
It was the best riding vacation that I have taken so far – great accommodations, good horses, great scenery. You know what people are looking for in a vacation and you are a wonderful hostess. »

Sheila (September 2006)
« As I tell my friends and family about the trip, I tell them that I felt as if I was your personal guest from morning until night. The horses were great, and the Loire Valley is a truly beautiful place. The history behind each Château was brought to life, both by the professional guides and by you. Chenonceau and Chateau de Nitray were my favorites. The meals we were served were the biggest surprise. I expected the horses to be good and the Châteaux to be beautiful and educational. I did not expect the meals to be so wonderfully exquisite. There is nothing like great food and great wine shared with new friends ! »

Eleanor et Sarah (July 2006)
« Thank you for all you have done for our trip –it was wonderfull. I have already recomend it to severals friends. Your organisation was impresiv, the meals were delicious, and the horses were kind and energetiques. In everything, it was a great pleasure, from the beginning to the end. I wish you a lot of success with your tours, you deserve it! »