Around Mont Blanc

An immersion in the Alps history, and in our divine part in Vanoise National Park and at the bottom of Mont Blanc. 

Moderate pace : 3 to 5 hours in the saddle per day.

Easy Mountains trails.

Horses : Henson well trained in uneven.

For all the riders attracted by the summits, by history of the mens and the animals of the valleys and  mountains.

Day 1: 

Arrival at Geneva airport or SNCF train station of Landry, et transfer to hotel la Vannoise *** of Peisey Nancroix

Day 2 : La Chenarie – Alpages de Rossaix

AM – about 2h on horseback
Start of the ride from La Chenarie by Carroz Blanc forest path, from where we have a  sublime view of massif de Bellecôte, then in the paths of the open landscape of Rossaix mountain pastures. We discover the wonderfull little Tarine cows, and visit un alp where Beaufort is made. Lunch on site.
PM – about 2h on horseback
Return via Carroz Blanc forest path. Dinner and night at hotel la Vanoise.

Day 3 : La Chenarie – Peisey silver Mines – Rosuel

AM – about 2 hours on horseback
The silver leads viens of  Peisey, renamed Mont d’Argent, were discovered in 1644, but exploitation did not begin until XVIII ème century. At that time, the famous Ecole Pratique des Mines moved in Peisey before being transferred to Paris. We visit the site on horseback, then ride in the Rosuel valley.
PM – about 2 hours on horseback
Enchanting ride in the Vanoise National park, discover of its high peaks, waterfalls, forets and animals leaving in the Park : marmotts, vultures, including the very rare beared vulture, a couple of wich nests here. Dinner at the Rosuel refuge, and night at hotel Vanoise.

Day 4 : La Chenarie – Les Vernettes – Nancroix – Landry

AM – about 2 hours on horseback
The baroque art of Savoie is at the heart of the reconquest of souls during counter reform. A true social project, the church reflects life in the mountains ; we honor the saints invoked against the disease of mens and livestock, accidents, avalanches, climatic hazards. Departure of the ride toward Pracompuet, then the baroque chapel of Vernettes wich we visit. Typical lunch in Nancroix. 
PM – about 2 hours on horseback
We continue the ride along the Ponthurin to the village of Moulin, then Peisey Nancroix, and descend into Tarentaise valley to the baroque church of Landry at the foot of the roman road. Transfer at Angel’s farm in Seez, a typical Savoyard chalet. Dinner and overnight at Angel’s farm.


Day 5 :  St Germain – col du petit Saint Bernard

AM – about 3h30 hours on horseback
The fréquentation of the alpine passes by the mens and their various goods goes back to a very old times (3000 à 2500 avant JC.) In the bronze age, there were already important trade currents. Some invaders from Italy crossed the Alps before Gallo-Roman period : The Galls of Bellovese, the Carthaginians with Hannibal, the Celts. The beginning of the roman road wich passes the pass of  petit saint Bernard and connected Milan to Vienna dates back to the period of Julius César around 45 BC. In 18 after JC, the greek Strabo indicate that it was passable to the horse carriages on its greater parts of its course. Departing from Séez ( sixt), we ride in the footsteps of the romains on this route wich still is in very good condition up to the pass of Petit Saint Bernard, today the border between France and Italy. At the pass, we have lunch at the hospice et visit the museum and the remains.

PM –
Transfer to the thermal bath of Pré saint Didier from where we have a sublime view of the Mont Blanc range, then transfer at hotel Dolonne ***, a charming hotel from XVI century at Courmayeur.

Day 6 : Excursion in minibus in Val d’Aosta

AM –
Guided tour of the roman and medieval town of Aosta. Gourmet lunch at the “Al Dente”trattoria.
PM –
We visit the médiéval and renaissance castle of Fenis, et discover its magnificent frescoes. Dinner and night at hotel Dolonne.

Day 7 : departure or Option day in Val ferret at the foot of Mont Blanc range

Option 1 : Easy hike with a high montain guide

AM – PM – about 4 hours walk.

Brenva glacier, Aiguille Noire de Peuterey, Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, Mont Blanc …Dent du Géant, Rochefort ridges …The Grandes Jorasses and its famous Whymper points, Walker point which dominate at more than 4100 m … Our high mountain guide shows us, and tells us about the routes, and exploits of mountaineers in the highest and most prestigious alpine chain.The hike on a balcony path offers breathtaking views of at the foot of a dazzling series of ridges, peaks, glaciers created by unleashed Gods, who made, and are dreaming of mountaineers around the world. Then it is the turn of the red needles of  Triolet, and finally Mont Dolent closes the valley by making the border between France, Switzerland and Italy. A mind-blowing show ! Lunch on the way in a mountain refuge or picnic acoording the weather conditions. Dinner et night at l’hotel Dolonne.

Option 2 : Electric bike ride in Val Ferret

AM – PM – about 4 hours
Free electric bike ride in Val Ferret, or with a guide in Val Venis and Val Ferret. Free Lunch in one of the restaurant of the valley or picnic.

Option 3 : Courmayeur – pointe Helbrooner in cable car

AM –
Shopping in Courmayeur
PM –
Cable car climb to Pointe Helbronner 11371ft, free lunch in the Bistrot panoramic.

Day 8 : Courmayeur

Free breakfast and departure. Free visit and shopping in Courmayeur. Transfers possible to Geneva train station or airport.


The programs may change according the season and the weather conditions.